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In addition to its 3,100 Registered Investment Advisor clients, Fidelity has been providing clearing, custody and brokerage services to bank trust departments and third-party administrators (TPAs) for nearly 15 years.
That means a 24/7 IT operation and at a cost of approximately $3 million an hour -- downtime is not an option," said Mike Amble, director of Information Technology, Fidelity Information Services.
Fidelity Employer Services Company provides benefits and human resources administration, talent planning, payroll solutions and stock plan services to approximately 20 million employees in the U.
Fidelity and Fidelity Investments & Pyramid (design) are registered trademarks of FMR Corp.
Saving enough money to last throughout retirement is the biggest financial goal, and challenge, that Americans face," said Jeff Carney, president, Fidelity Personal Investments.
Our contract with Fidelity for the HORIZON system gives Rockland Trust Company the advanced core processing technology needed to quickly respond to customer needs while helping us meet our strategic business goals in today's demanding financial marketplace.
Currently, Fidelity has Occam BLCs installed and delivering services to CLEC customers from Fidelity's Central Offices (COs) in Bourbon, Cuba and St.
Blaze Advisor is a core component of Fidelity's vision of a rules-layered architecture that will span its entire suite of product offerings and provides Fidelity customers with complete software packages that leverage existing legacy systems and preserve business process innovation.
In fact, virtually all teenagers (95 percent) feel an obligation to shoulder some of the financial burden of their college education, with three-quarters (74 percent) thinking that their parents should only pay half or less, according to a national study released today by Fidelity Investments.
Fidelity Express' network currently extends to 16 states with over 5,000 locations such as convenience store and grocery store merchants in the Southeastern U.
which with its Affiliates are the Corporations) and are licensed for use by Fidelity.
For more complete information on Fidelity(R) Nasdaq Composite Index(R) Tracking Stock or Fidelity(R) Nasdaq Composite Index(R) Fund or any Fidelity fund, including fees and expenses, visit Fidelity.