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The partnership with Reval is once more a perfect match to deliver simple and integrated 'true global multibanking,'" says Fides CEO Dennis Flad.
much less than] Les Editions Fides [much less than], Cahiers d'action catholique, 18, mars 1942, p.
Key in establishing the validity of such a note is that it be contracted for bona fide and for adequate and full consideration.
The apex bank has also allowed Fides Bank Namibia to change its name to Trustco Bank.
Fides has five outlets in Namibia with its loan portfolio including 14,000 group lending borrowers and 357 SME borrowers.
Section 2 concerns implications and applications of Fides et Ratio to Catholic higher education and to contemporary culture.
But Fides explained that the 29 were only a tiny fraction of Catholics killed because of their faith throughout the world.
KPMG -- then known as Fides -- had been a Credit Suisse subsidiary until a few years before.
The papal press agency, Fides, yesterday condemned the trend as "irrelevant to the gospel".
24-29 and is expected to confer with Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian during his stay, the Vatican's news agency FIDES said Monday.
These networks consist of Fides network, linked to Fides edge networks and other separate networks.
ROME -- "Herod: The Slaughter of the Innocents Continues," a study published by Fides news agency, reports that 211 million children 4-14 years old are forced to work, 120 million of them full-time.