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Master's an old fidget to send me travelling up again, just because he fancied he saw something amiss at the window.
Certainly he fidget on his chair a good deal, exclaimed, 'Ah, Mr.
He doesn't want the money, it is work he wants, though it is beastly work--dull country, dishonest natives, an eternal fidget over fresh water and food.
But when a quarter to nine struck, and he saw old Thomas beginning to fidget about with the keys in his hand, he thought of the Doctor's parting monition, and stopped the cornopean at once, notwithstanding the loud-voiced remonstrances from all sides; and the crowd scattered away from the close, the eleven all going into the School-house, where supper and beds were provided for them by the Doctor's orders.
When you feel it in your stomach, your attention wanders, and you begin to fidget.
But they are also, in widely different ways, rather nervous and sensitive; and you would only fidget one and alarm the other to no purpose.
When Mr Verloc returned to sit in his place, like the very embodiment of silence, the character of Mrs Verloc's stare underwent a subtle change, and Stevie ceased to fidget with his feet, because of his great and awed regard for his sister's husband.
Be a good girl, Lida, and, Kolya, don't fidget with your feet; sit like a little gentleman.
Yes, it's about her, and though it's a little thing, it fidgets me.
Then as soon as we were out of the village, he would give me a few miles at a spanking trot, and then bring me back as fresh as before, only clear of the fidgets, as he called them.
I wandered in it, pitching the tabernacle of my thoughts on the lining of the square family-pew, the fidgets of my small brothers, and the horror of knowing that, on the Monday, I should have to write out, from memory, jottings of the rambling disconnected extempore sermon, which might have had any text but its own, and to stand or fall by the result.
He has what I call the inventors' fidgets, for some reason or other.