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Visits to the chiropractor to sort out mashed vertebrae will be a thing of the past, thanks to highly-efficient suspension that offers taught handling while keeping any fidgetiness well under control.
A bright, mischievous 9-year-old, Danny had been identified by school officials as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) because of extreme fidgetiness, disruptive classroom behavior, and persistent learning problems.
Their tantrums, fidgetiness, self-abuse and inability to pay attention are signs of a major mental illness -- bipolar disorder, or manic depression.
For example, their hyperactivity and gross motor activity into fidgetiness and restlessness.
These favored the massage therapy group including: (a) a higher state rating after therapy on day 10; (b) higher vocalization ratings after therapy on days 1 and 10; (c) lower anxiety ratings after the massage therapy sessions on days 1 and 10; (d) higher cooperation ratings for the MT group after therapy on days 1 and 10; (e) fidgetiness decreased for the MT group on both the first and last days; (4) decrease in pulse after massage therapy on days 1 and 10; (5) lower salivary cortisol levels after massage therapy; and (6) lower urine cortisol levels on the last day versus the first day of massage therapy.
Christopher's portrayal of Turing is finely nuanced and altogether real, from his stutter (which disappears whenever he gets caught up in his mathematical ideas) to his fidgetiness when in the presence of fools he does not suffer gladly.