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The fact was, that Tom's heart had already smitten him for not asking his fidus Achates to the feast, although only an extempore affair; and though prudence and the desire to get Martin and Arthur together alone at first had overcome his scruples, he was now heartily glad to open the door, broach another bottle of beer, and hand over the old ham-knuckle to the searching of his old friend's pocket-knife.
Inrevium AMERICA and Fidus V-by-One HS IP Core - The V-by-One HS IP core from inrevium AMERICA and Fidus simplifies connectivity in display panels to support higher bandwidth video while reducing costs, signal integrity and power.
Berglandmilch GmbH is the largest milk-processing company in Austria, offering well-known brands such as Schardinger, Desserta and Fidus, and has a market leading 60% share of the cheese market.
Inrevium/Fidus Development Solutions for Embedded Vision and Video Demonstration: Xilinx Certified Alliance Member inrevium and Premier Alliance Member Fidus demonstrate board and IP products with customization services that jump-start embedded vision development.
Supply of 6 multi-channel portable satellite terminals easy deployable lightweight, able to use military satellites SICRAL and ATHENA FIDUS, as well as commercial satellites, to ensure the availability of assets for strategic communications, which can be used in operations of entry entry to ensure the initial connectivity to the support needs of a CIS Forward Command Post.
Charron is currently a senior advisor at Warburg Pincus, a private equity firm, and a managing partner of Fidus Investment Partners.
OTTAWA, March 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Fidus Systems and inrevium AMERICA (inrevium), leaders in Electronic Product Development and Design Services, are pleased to be exhibiting at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas, April 12-15, 2015.
Fred Seddiqui, president and chief executive officer at Fidus, stated that, "This initial atrial flutter success is an important validation of the ability of Fidus' microwave catheters to produce the long, continuous lesions necessary to efficiently treat atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation, two poorly served cardiac arrhythmias.
Comprehensive Video-specific Development Platforms: A complete portfolio of video interface breakout boards, or FPGA Mezzanine Cards (FMCs), are available through Fidus Systems, Inc.
Fidus, a manufacturer of cardiac ablation systems, will show the Microwave Generator 2000 for the first time at the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE) Annual Scientific Sessions, May 8-11, in New Orleans.
The initial partners of the HAPS Connect Program include Back9 Design, eInfochips, Fidus, Gigafirm, hd Lab and Sarokal
Marquette Medical Systems and Fidus Medical Technology Corporation today announced the two companies will jointly develop technology that will be incorporated into their respective products.