field of view

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5[degrees] field of view, or a three field of view configuration with the same figures as the zoom's two extremes plus an 8[degrees] x 6.
Although these features can be used to quickly cover a greater field of view, the need to instantly refer to all of these features to ensure safe driving impose a great cognitive load on the driver.
The purpose of the four-year One-Degree-Imager Project is to take advantage of this wide but sharp field of view by creating a wide-field imager that can electronically make corrections for atmospheric blurring across the telescope's entire field of view, an area about 100 times larger than the field of view of the Hubble telescope.
A patented combination of optics, electronics and a micro-display allows technicians to put color text and graphical images continuously in their field of view while they work.
Privacy masking allows the user to create six independent rectangular masks that can be placed anywhere in the field of view and move as the camera pans, tilts, and zooms, to prohibit viewing of a selected area.
The system features a flat screen monitor and an omni-directional depth scanner that reads barcodes and magnetic cards anywhere within its three-dimensional field of view.
The closer to the edge of the field of view you look, the worse it gets.
Newly installed on 24,500-pound Hubble: the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), which doubles Hubble's field of view and collects data 10 times faster than its original camera.
By allowing the operator to view information superimposed over their field of view, the Nomad System enables users to stay focused on the surrounding scene with their hands free.
First, the center of the XCALIBIR field of view is affected by substantial noise caused by diffraction in some parts of the XCALIBIR optics.
Able to operate as a single or double wavelength instrument, in its 2-colour mode, the UX7OP detects change in colour rather than brightness, to give an accurate reading in smoky or dust filled atmospheres or where the field of view is unclear.
Integra also offer a solution with a software module to interact with the MIS system and relate systems alarms to field of view covered by a particular CCTV camera.