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The experts of the two firms took part in the field trial in an outdoor test site in Chengdu, China.
Dogs which win a puppy or derby stake are awarded one or two points (depending on the number of dogs entered), and may accumulate four points towards their field trial championship from puppy and derby stakes (two from puppy and two from derby).
The following five aspects will be tested as part of the "futuristic department store" trial of the Field Trial for Improving Distribution and Logistics Efficiency through the Use of Electronic Tags, sponsored by METI.
Randomized field trials are not the best or only way to address k all important research questions, but they are often described as the "gold standard.
The company has provided access to information about Monsanto's field trial testing program for regulated crop varieties that contain biotechnology traits, including information on compliance related initiatives and results.
The STAR experiment shows how a single randomized field trial can begin to clarify the effect of a particular intervention against a backdrop of many nonrandomized trials.
In its 20+ years of existence, KEMRI has built a physical and professional infrastructure-and a strong relationship with WRAIR-that make it an ideal partner for conducting the field trials required to successfully evaluate a vaccine.
With an extensive network of field stations and a team of local experts and field technicians, SGS can provide GEP and GLP field trials for all the major crops grown in Poland.
Beverly Matthews, Green's mother, became involved with English springer spaniel field trials and bought an excellent British bitch named Mixie to run herself when Jason was an early teen.
explained their plans for a one year joint field trial to introduce Japanese movie-goers to what they have termed "4K Pure Cinema.
Under its existing regulatory authority, USDA will enforce new field trial permit conditions for the 2003 planting season.
In The Education Gap, Howell and Peterson call randomized field trials the "gold standard" of social-science research.