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A monochrome low-light-level CCD camera with a 794 x 494-pixel resolution with similar fields of view as the medium-wave sensor can be added, also with a x4 continuous zoom.
With Fields of View, Marshall acknowledges this truth, and makes us wish, with longing for all things lost, that it were not so.
The contract is to explore the possibility of supporting waveguide optics with fields of view in excess of 50 degrees and with a path to full color operation.
2% of the fields of view, and the resolution is better than 0.
Unlike HERCULES and existing detectors that consist or arrays of phototubes with overlapping fields of view, this detector would consist of two small telescopes with apertures of 10 or 20 centimeters set far apart so that their fields of view do not overlap.
OLED microdisplays offer a number of advantages over current liquid crystal microdisplays, including increased brightness, lower power consumption, less weight, faster response time, and angular emission characteristics more suitable for optical systems offering wide fields of view.