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US Secretary of State John Kerry, in the Washington Post, said that the negotiations on what would be a fiendishly complex deal constituted "a choice for Iran's leaders".
Australian Pink Floyd Show NIA, BIRMINGHAM THEY'VE been dubbed the "world's greatest tribute act" and after watching a blistering set from Adelaide-based The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS) it's fiendishly hard to disagree with the hype.
Ministers and MEPs would have longer to respond to the proposals--reforms must be introduced by November 2013--although debates could be fiendishly complex.
Wiseman's character, a mad scientist with an arsenal of fiendishly wry quips.
The over-the-top two-fisted action combined with fiendishly overwrought narration and tongue-in-cheek lampshading of comic genre conventions make for an exhilaratingly funny read cover to cover.
The cuckoo pops out on the hour but, in a fiendishly clever modern update, it stays in its house at night thanks to a light sensor.
His choreographic additions were fiendishly difficult.
So fiendishly good as a different man of mystery in the Falcon Theatre's ``Sleuth'' last year, Capri employs a deft mixture of arrogance and prissy dismissiveness whenever it's suggested that matters of the heart have overtaken him.
The cover features an early photograph of the ur-male artist contemplating his work, an image Trockel fiendishly altered by airbrushing out the fly of Judd's jeans, giving his shirt a pointedly curvaceous contour, and styling his long hair into a Breck girl flip.
There are so many ideas (comic, musical, and intellectual) flying around in Assassins, it's fiendishly difficult for the show to hang together.