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channels carried only maintenance level activation, and the fieriness of
But fieriness is fire's essential nature; smoke is its baggage.
95) at Bollywood and you receive the right stuff, chunks of tender mahi mahi swimming in a reddish brown curry of fearsome fieriness, studded with semi-pacifying cubes of potato and spiked with drops of tart lemon juice.
Another major talent to emerge was Natalia Domratcheva, a Russian whose training in flamenco dancing brought a sensational fieriness to her performance as Kitri in Petipa's Don Quixote.
A grapey style with a hint of fieriness - much fresher than blended cognacs.
This was a first visit for all the guests so food ingredients had to be identified, described and rated on a scale of fieriness.
If you like to spice things up a bit, ask for some Szechwan chile oil and daub on a little to achieve a touch of fieriness.
Richard Mullen rides debutant Fursan Al Sahra with Harry Bentley on Fieriness and these look best of his quartet.
Yes, there's no doubt Le Colonial's kitchen tends to dilute the fieriness of its dishes, probably figuring that it's easier to spice something up if you insist on it, rather than try and take away some of the heat once it's in there.