fight off

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Her comments came after the survey also revealed some of the measures drivers take to fight off tiredness behind the wheel.
Britain's Prince Charles is to take a break from commitments to fight off a persistent chest infection, dpa cited his spokesman as saying today.
The factory remains in I lim Pulp's control, but the company continues to fight off a takeover.
Our bodies are not able to fight off sickness and diseases, and lack of nutrients can even affect our ability to learn.
The benefits may also include helping to fight off cancerous tumours.
Because the immune systems of HIV-positive people may not be able to fight off the effects of active pathogens, doctors say they should never get a live-virus vaccine.
When a mosquito carrying the West Nile Virus bites you, you have a short window of opportunity for your antibodies, blood, and immune system to fight off and destroy the virus.
Most importantly," he said "it is possible that their immune system is impaired which may slow down the body's reaction to fight off the infection, but more research needs to be conducted to verify this.
The only problem is it's not necessary to fight off pollen.
The leading chip maker boasts a diverse product line that helps it fight off broad market volatility, Low says.
To fight off this threat, the older firms will have to revamp and reinvent themselves.
Because if the doctor prescribes an antibiotic to help you fight off a bacterial infection, and if the infection is caused by bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic, the drug will not work.