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50, while he is aboard Figment in the second division (2.
It couldn't possibly be that the allegations are a figment of Mr Valdez's imagination, in a bid to mitigate on behalf of Uruguay attack dog Suarez (left).
FIGMENT, the Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA) of the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter (AIANY), and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEA-oNY) opened CDR Studio's Governor's Cup on Governors Island at the weekend.
Global competition is not a figment of our imaginations.
The source considered that the news published by the aforementioned newspaper is the result of the hallucinations of the newspaper's reporter, who did not find anything to report to the newspaper so he created false and untrue stories that are a figment of his imagination.
Shooting stars and phosphorescence, perhaps a figment who can say Did I see her shipping green seas, smie the porpoise at their play?
This German countersniper character was a figment of Zaitsev's imagination and/or a creation of Soviet propaganda, very much needed during those dark days of WWII.
Over the years I have thought this must have been a figment of my imagination.
It is just a rose-tinted figment of his imagination.
The old and new testaments are a figment of man's self-importance and naivete.
So the woman who most people probably think was a figment of some ad man's imagination stuffed the chips between two pieces of waxed paper and ironed the edges, and voila.