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An extraordinary and beguiling perfume, Figment is the highly anticipated third chapter of 'Portraits of Life', an exploration of the second cycle of the Amouage narrative by Christopher Chong, creative director.
FIGMENT CHATS provide a chance for participants to ask questions of professionals.
Of the pair it was Figment who was the more eyecatching on her debut over 7f at Newcastle last month.
Their boxes had imprinted information about Figment NYC 2014 and the City of Dreams Pavilion, along with ways for the public to become further involved.
Jane's only solace is in the form of an ideal male companion, a 30-something named Michael who is a figment of her imagination.
Over the years I have thought this must have been a figment of my imagination.
It is just a rose-tinted figment of his imagination.
Granite State supporters of the Ohio congressman--particularly those hardy souls who supported him for his run in '04--were beginning to wonder whether the 08 run was a figment of their imagination.
50 a mile is a figment of those with overheating minds.
So the woman who most people probably think was a figment of some ad man's imagination stuffed the chips between two pieces of waxed paper and ironed the edges, and voila.