figment of the imagination

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The statement concluded by saying "the attributed speech [to minister Bassil] is unfounded and is a figment of the imagination.
FOR AW of Gosforth to write that the dream of a European superstate is 'a figment of the imagination of those using falsehoods to stir anti-European sentiment', I can only assume that he missed the recent speeches given by Jean-Claude Junker and Emmanuel Maccron.
Idowu Adelusi, in a release, said the news is 'is a figment of the imagination of the APC which manufactured the story.
He said the statement of Jorge Madlos, spokesperson of the communist NPA in Mindanao, that the insurgent fronts were growing was a figment of the imagination that aims to excuse their failures and continuous dwindling of strength.
All the figures which are reported on the number of centrifuges are the figment of the imagination of some foreign media," Araqchi said in a news conference on Thursday.
The perceived dawn, however, is a figment of the imagination.
But, thanks to reader George Wilson, the story of the whale can now be told, and as this photograph submitted by George shows, the whale was no figment of the imagination.
Talk of the presence of fanatic groups in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and that some fundamentalist groups have plotted terrorist attacks in this or that camp is a figment of the imagination, said Fatah representative in Lebanon Sultan Abul Einein, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Sunday.
The Librarian was thought to be a mythical figure, someone who was a figment of the imagination until police discovered he, and his gun-lending business, were real.
The oil companies say it's all a figment of the imagination or it's just part of nature that happens every couple of million years or so.