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Similes Dictionary: 16,000 Figures of Speech on More Than One Thousand Topics" collections thousands of idioms and metaphors, taken from quotes from countless figures throughout history in literature, politics, the stage, and everywhere else.
These are but four of a veritable bestiary of figures of speech and rhetoric that the ancient Greeks created.
But "pearlhandled," "bone-handled" and "staghandled" were still common figures of speech, and as acceptable among serious gun people as among drugstore cowboys.
It will take out figures of speech from vast numbers of statements by Farsi, Russian, Spanish and English speakers, label them with precise meanings, and store all this in a computerised "metaphor repository".
On a stylised set decorated by figures of speech, we see the effects of Eliza's tuition but not the tuition itself, which come over that PA.
Love tore open the oak chest of his memories: what were names and titles became figures of speech, slips of the tongue, the bright day of the soul.
New Children's Book Reveals Figures of Speech Using Paintings
He writes well, creating convincing dialogue and displaying a mastery of colorful figures of speech.
The, er, teen style icon, who attended Figures of Speech, a fundraising gala at The Brewery, is desperate to get her schooling done so she can launch her own clothing range.
The School Lane centre is hosting the A-Frame Figures of Speech event on Thursday to bring together entrepreneurs from the creative and business worlds.
This question may concern different issues, such as reoccurring images, the meanings of the title and subtitle, and figures of speech such as metaphors or similes.
Spelling errors and hamfisted figures of speech are sprayed around in a manor (sic) that suggests a slightly understaked budget.