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Private foundations and charitable trusts filing at least 250 returns must e-file their 2006 returns, regardless of asset size.
All owners of income producing properties with actual assessed values greater than $40,000 are required to file an RPIE unless the property qualifies for exemption from filing, e.
The earlier electronic filing system did not allow e-filing of corporate tax returns, was not designed to accept returns from large companies (often more than 50,000 pages in length) and could not accommodate Word or PDF attachments.
Whether you are new to filing or just want a refresher, these filing references are essential.
We've been asked to take on additional expense, additional time and effort, and effectively become the transfer agent in filing returns," Crosbie says.
Employers can help employees take advantage of these benefits by offering electronic filing as an employee benefit.
EDGAR is arguably the biggest change in the way the SEC conducts its business since its formation, and yet Corporate America is largely unprepared for electronic filing.
In a similar way, overcoming fear of filing requires a basic recognition that order can enhance our productivity without extinguishing our creativity.
Announced as LexisNexis participates in the California State Bar Association annual meeting in Monterey this week, the new paper-based capabilities complement existing electronic filing and service options that have been available via File & Serve since 1995.
Throughout the various revenue acts, no timely filing requirement was in effect.
The status of the committee's strategic plan to eliminate barriers, provide incentives and use competition to increase electronic filing gradually over the next 10 years.