filled with pride

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The Le Barge Indian was a young man, unlearned yet in his own limitations, and filled with pride.
And looks so big to everyone that he is filled with pride.
Lunch at the top, among the Jubilee Tower ruins, was met with astounding views of the Welsh countryside and the descent was filled with pride of what had been achieved.
Our communities are filled with pride and joy and send our very best wishes to You Royal Highness and assure you of our love and loyalty at all times.
Filled with pride, the mama-of-two announced the happy news on her Instagram page.
The former midfielder's daughter Gayle said her family were filled with pride at the accolade.
Guardsman Daniel Probyn, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, aged 22, from Tipton His father Michael said: "Daniel had wanted to join the Army since he was six years old, and the day he passed out of Catterick my heart was filled with pride.
Definitely awards are important for us, but what brings domilya Group eternal happiness is the smiles of our clients, filled with pride, and the trust in their eyes.
There haven't been so many renditions of the Marseillaise sung on the streets of Paris by crowds filled with pride since the country lifted the World Cup in 1998.
Meanwhile, Abbas' brother appears filled with pride at his brother's sacrifice -- inside, his father maintained an easy smile as he greeted the mourners.
As the Indian flag went up and the national anthem was played, Jitu's heart filled with pride.