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Last month, 57 teams of Christian filmmakers from around the world participated in the Burbank-based 168-Hour Film Project.
A lot of the imported stretch film couldn't be sold," says Randolph Scott, v.
The Motion Picture Association of America reports that Hollywood spent an average of $96 million in 2005 to make and market a film.
The Society of the Spectacle is a feature-length film essay--Debord's own adaptation of his renowned work of cultural and political history and theory.
A range of scholars, including Daniel Walkowitz, Robert Brent Toplin, Tony Barta, John O'Connor and Robert Rosenstone deserve to be recognized for their pioneering work in the field of film and history, advancing above all the standard of accuracy in historical films.
Nowhere were these insurgent notions of free love and political sovereignty better set to collide than in local movie houses, and Cinepix was just the film company to harness the spirit of the Quiet Revolution.
Naturally, the bibliographic nature of this endeavor calls for temporal and regional breadth, but, as a result, it also risks leading to exclusions and makes it difficult to engage each film or theme in detail.
The best solution to overheating--clear, spectrally-selective film Clear spectrally-selective applied window film offers the best ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection.
Since representations of black men in American film so often rely upon a particularly overdetermined image of black masculinity--an image now widely on display in American culture--I think it is imperative that we give the issue of masculinity and Singleton's Shaft a close and critical examination.
Imagine this: you have been making a film for three years hand-to-mouth, believing that God wants you to make it and that God will help you do so against all odds.
A deep and abiding affection for quality film has united them and their Japanese associates under a corporate moniker that is as playfully evocative as it is pragmatic.
In some towns the police would send men to check the film for violations of the obscenity statutes.