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Peele was also nominated by the DGA at its 70th annual honors for best feature film director, as was Greta Gerwig, for "Lady Bird".
It documents an incredible range and depth of talent among women film directors, highlighting the significance of filmmaking in an international context, and entertains the reader through engaging writing.
The film director likes to enlist trusted collaborators including Danny Elfman who has composed scores for many of his films and actor Johnny Depp.
The film club offers complimentary seats, English subtitles, a chance to talk to film directors and a forum for industry professionals and film fans to network.
Film director Duncan Jones, who directed Moon and Source Code, wrote on Twitter: "Just heard about Tony Scott news.
Glenda Jackson, who won a best actress Oscar for her role in the film, said it was a "privilege" to know Russell as both a film director and a friend.
TRIBUTES: British film director Ken Russell, who has died aged 84, is pictured here with model Twiggy during the filming of the movie, The Boy Friend, at Elstree Studios, London, in 1971
Anyone can shoot anything in India, the film director said.
OTRANTO, Jun 5, 2011 (TUR) -- An Italian-Turkish film director and screenwriter has received an offer to conduct an opera in Italy.
In the picture): The local film director from Optimedia, Akwaake and Kwedhi, at the launch of the documentary film 'Trawler girl,' in Windhoek, recently.
EVEN if film director Kathryn Bigelow misses out, her film The Hurt Locker will join a select group of nominations for women film directors through the decades.
It is obvious that through their festival they aim to give a political, 'patriotic' message and the exclusion of certain films was done solely on ideological grounds that divide films into 'patriotic' and 'treacherous'," film director Panikos Chrysanthou said.