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She burst through as though it were filmy spider-web and disappeared in the underbrush.
On every side the gilt of picture frames or the glint of sunlight through the filmy mesh of lace curtains flashed in her eyes.
He glares at her as he smokes; and then, his eyes becoming filmy, answers: 'That's the journey.
I looked along an orderly lane, an empty glass counter on my left, glass cupboards of untouched silver on my right, and facing me the filmy black eye of the peep-hole that shone like a stage moon on the street.
She was standing in the road, her head still covered with that white, filmy something which had commended itself to Mr Pickering's eyes.
The filmy look and the fixed expression of them horrified me.
At the end of upright spear-shafts the long tufts of dyed horse-hair waved crimson and filmy in the gust of wind; and beyond the blaze of hedges the brook of limpid quick water ran invisible and loud under the drooping grass of the bank, with a great murmur, passionate and gentle.
The standard picture that Bollywood paints for bar girls is of a scantily- clad dancer gyrating in a dowdy setup with routine filmy dance steps.
This is where we come in, the Golden Kelas, striving to celebrate the best of the worst, the finest of the crappiest, and the gooiest kelas in the whole filmy bunch
She was, apparently, a nagging shrew of a woman, though you wouldn't know it from Bonnard's dreamy, filmy images of her that burst with the colours of the Mediterranean.
Easy for her to say, curled up in a chair wearing a long filmy skirt with a long, loose sweater that hung over a bare shoulder.
Sources reveal Ranbir's character in Besharam won't be just another typical filmy hero.