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Summary: The air in most Asian cities is getting more polluted and the rivers filthier, but experts say there are many reasons to believe in a green vision for the region as urbanization powers on.
There is nothing filthier than a dilute pinot noir and it is not going to be cheaper than pounds 10.
Most delight in dishing the dirt and, in general, the "deader" the subject, the filthier the portrait.
Riyadh The dirtiest parts of Saudi Arabian homes are filthier than the global average, a study has found.
Covering himself with the top folds of his blankets, he laid his filthy head back on his filthier field jacket.
This makes it seem private hospitals have zero infection rates and that public hospitals are filthier than they are.
One keyboard had 150 times the recommended limit for bacteria--making it "five times filthier than a toilet seat that was swabbed in the same test," Which?
Gaza is filthier and smellier than ever: Because of the embargo Israel and the world have imposed on the elected authority, no salaries are being paid and the street cleaners have been on strike for the past few weeks.
But the Welsh frog has a slightly filthier mouth than his English counterpart and speaks in a distinct Caernarfon accent.
Mengele then assigned her to another camp, Bergen-Belsen--colder, sicker, filthier than Auschwitz.