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Krag comments, "Say, is there a filthier sight than a smashed pleasure?
Do not disclose it to people and understand that this is filthier and dirtier than responding to the call of nature, even if you look very pretty in that image, that is Shatan decorating it for you in your eyes.
For example, young Chinese today are plagued by filthier air than their parents or grandparents breathed.
However puffing cigarettes makes it even filthier and may make even more convenient for certain bacteria like Porphyromonas gingivalis to camp in there.
That's arguably a strong sense of rejection of Aquino and Roxas, perhaps filthier and worse.
Meanwhile everything gets filthier than it already was.
are doing so not out of principle, but from a mixture of know-nothingism, greed, and occasionally even an activc desire to make the planet filthier.
Every year it gets filthier and filthier" - Broadcaster Jeremy Paxman, mounting an anti-litter campaign.
In the early '70s and '80s there was no-one bluer or filthier than I was.
One outraged user wrote: "The people who did this must have hearts even filthier than that sewage pipe.
The parents who did this have hearts even filthier than that sewage pipe," wrote one user.