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A highlight involves a man in bare-bottomed, high-speed, seemingly unending simulated sex and the whole enterprise is filthily funny.
Gareth Tudor Price's production takes the possibilities by the scruff of the neck and the result is filthily funny.
But to say a stroll through various districts "breaks down the idea of the centre" is dubious; as is terming pornography shops the "Other" of the dominant order: The filthily lucrative pornography industry is now very much mainstream.
He wanted it kept on while we made love and he talked really filthily to me.
Allen said: "We want to veer away from delivering a dull, literal reflection of Thomas's original work, intending instead to explore some of the more erotic, visceral elements of the richly funny, filthily fluid, magical dreamscape - whilst not stooping to mess with Thomas' original text.