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On the other hand, the stability of the filtrate in different pH was tested by adding different amount of acetic acid or NaOH.
The tomato treated with spawn (SP) 30g/pot or soil drenching by culture filtrate 15 ml/plant combined with spawn 15 g/pot (CF+SP) were the most effective for inducing resistance of tomato against root-knot nematode, they could reduce significantly (P<0.
Adding the crude filtrate for each fungus to eight flask (volume 250 ml, 100 ml for each flask) four concentration of filtrate (15% ,30% ,45% and 60%) added the media with filtrates fungus to Petri dishes and repeated every treatment three times with a control treatment of the fungus.
However, cell-free filtrates of all three cultures caused significant increases in larval settlement.
The present study was therefore accomplished to investigate the solo and simultaneous influence of culture filtrates of F.
We hypothesized that this fungus produced those alkaloids in the culture filtrate of WBS007 as well as authentic peiminine in the mycelia of it.
According to the method of Mishra (2010), four ml of the antagonist's culture filtrates were placed in sterilized Petri dishes which were immediately followed by pouring 16 ml of PDA, so as to make the final concentration of culture filtrates 20%.
In filter II 55% of gross-alfa and 35% of gross-beta activity was removed compared to filtrate I.
However, in the GM1 ELISA where culture filtrates were used, only some strains would have shed the membrane protein to be positive in the assay (7).
A significantly different interaction effect between the culture filtrates of different concentrations used for coating the leaves and different time intervals was observed for % leaf consumption (F20, 60 = 17.