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He'd finagle us a Happy Family Meal, or something else not
Plus, the unions now know they don't need to negotiate for new perks; they can just finagle from the politicians.
Hannspree is leveraging these sports designs to finagle licensing agreements with professional sports leagues, said Michael Amkruetz, vice president of marketing with Hannspree California.
Like other Clark supporters--legislative aides who tried to finagle time off to work for the campaign, consultants and college students who traveled to the early primary states, and lawyers who admit to posting fewer billable hours since Clark announced--Housman's involvement had been poignant.
During the technology-industry bust of 2001 and 2002, chief financial officers--the accounting types who finagle new financing to keep a company operating but who are not supposed to finagle the books--were more important to technology companies than the tech types who dream up and write software.
American Entrepreneur Larry Smith, founder of Finagle a bagel chain, has set up a company London Taxis North America Inc and expects the first cars to be on the road in Boston.
The results of the great Florida finagle of November 2000 are there in the White House for all to see; they also continue to play out in the courts and elsewhere, long after Bush v.
Since June every Finagle location has been outfitted with the dual software solution, and there are currently 23,000 "Frequent Finaglers" in the database.
Do we have the confident, gutsy self-image to finagle our way into the strategic planning process, modeling the skills of building a strategy, instead of trying to educate our leaders that whenever they have a strategy, communicating it is important?
This is the perspective most of these articles take on feminism as men try to figure out, "What am I missing out on here sexually and how can I finagle my way into getting some of it?
In "Nothing but Trouble," the boys fuss and finagle as World War II-era domestics who rally 'round an exiled boy-king when danger arises.