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In one room he placed a five-part cube and its seven-part complement, which after some finagling could be mentally joined to form the twelve-part whole.
All of this financial finagling, of course, only strengthens taxpayers' conviction that the system is inherently unjust and highly politicized.
This kind of finagling undermines the public's confidence, and will make it that much harder for voters to get behind worthy projects in the future.
Bruins senior defensive end Dave Ball, rarely at a loss for words, summed up the matchup between UCLA (6-6) and Fresno State (8-5) as just what it is: The Bruins are the Pac-10's sixth-place and final bowl team, and the Bulldogs (8-5) needed the Western Athletic Conference to do some behind-the-scenes finagling to get in.
So what we get are Democrats looking to slug the average person with higher taxes while finagling tax breaks for special interests and Republicans looking to gut essential services while finagling tax breaks for special interests.
Naturally, suing cigarette manufacturers using the argument that your only source of information about smoking comes from the container in which they're sold requires some finagling.
That's why some contractors and LAUSD employees have been charged with criminal wrongdoing, and why there was so much finagling in the whole contracting process.
The finagling over LAX expansion gets curiouser and curiouser, and that ought to worry a lot of people.
The answer from City Hall is business as usual: finagling, double talk, political machinations.
He's finagling to become a spokesman for a banana producer.
That deal - and not, as usually stated, the ballot finagling of Mayor Richard J.