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The form of the dust jacket for the third Musson edition is uncertain, but a new design was introduced by the fourth Musson edition in 1920, one which was used regularly until the twelfth and final impression of this edition in 1943.
But an aspect of professional interaction too often ignored is the final impression.
The details which are such a crucial part of Tambling's argument are always fascinating, but they come thick and fast and leave the final impression that some of the dust stirred up is taking its time to settle.
Although there was much to admire in her performance, the final impression was that of a party trick.
My final impression (wax tablets to printing press to mental state) of this book is of an opportunity lost.
The communicator's voice is a major determiner of the receiver's first and final impression.
The final impression one gets is that the idea for the conference may have been a good one and those who want a record of this event will want to buy the volume that resulted from it, but I do not think that it is the sort of work most scholars will want to add to their collections.
Yet the combination of faith and tolerance that de Lisle embodied still has a message for our own age and therefore the final impression of this outstanding biography is one of hope.
The final impression is that the homely and the erudite conspire in Emerson's mind and in these notebooks to create the intellectual patchwork of Emerson's thought and style.
Cameron Cloeter, senior vice president of Sales, TDS, noted: "The study has confirmed that the Front-End should be managed as a separate department -- it forms the final impression that consumers have when they walk out of the store.
Other topics include making the final impression, making a bite registration, filling out the laboratory slip and packaging the laboratory case, cementing provisional restorations, and the special topic of making impressions for round-house crown and bridge cases.