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In both Williamson County and MacDonald, the Court justified the finality requirement on the theory that it could not determine whether the government took the landowner's property until the government fully applied existing regulations to the property.
It is Christ who recapitulates these three laws in himself, leading us to our finality, creaturely divinization.
A joint declaration issued after the moot demanded the government expose elements who allegedly attempted to change the oath in election law regarding the finality of Prophethood.
He paid glowing tribute to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for holding a successful convention and said this is a welcome step and government took timely measures to tackle the situation created in connec-tion with the finality of the Prophethood (PBUH) and the steps taken by the government are praise-worthy.
Earlier, the minister had also released a video message on popular video-sharing site Youtube to assure the people that he believed in the Finality of Prophethood.
Gueverra that explained that '[a]s a rule, a judgment, final order, or resolution rendered by the CA may only be executed upon its finality.
In these cases, erroneously treating final agency action as jurisdictional means that, even where the government technically has waived or forfeited the finality argument, the court can address finality sua sponte and dismiss the case on finality grounds without ever reaching the merits.
Finality is, of course, the sine qua non for a final plenary appeal to the Florida district courts of appeal.
The current settlement finality structure works well", said Internal Market and Services Commissioner Charlie McCreevy.
I have arrived at the conclusion that it has been banished from our Catholic vocabulary with a dreadful finality.