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Still, taxpayers should attempt to negotiate with Appeals over whether the parties will sign a Form 870 or a Form 870-AD with an appropriate reserve clause, if flexibility is more important than finality.
To permit time for these changes, settlement-day finality and prefunding will be implemented in early 2001.
7 percent share, would be in a position to trigger the first payments for all the settling states if Pennsylvania could reach its goal of State Specific Finality.
The intent of these provisions is to lend a certain finality to the values assigned to gifts made years ago.
The finality of Jesus is confessed within God' s universal and saving power, not in contradiction to it.
Another notion the five justices advanced was that the ticking of the Electoral College deadline clocks meant that the Supreme Court needed to impose finality on the election dispute.
I have arrived at the conclusion that it has been banished from our Catholic vocabulary with a dreadful finality.
The manifesto talks of the "inevitable finality of death," but this is hardly well demonstrated by science, the stated arbiter of knowledge.
Death represents finality but not if Channel 4 has its way.
As for the reported finality of the third ``X'' entry, though, the director says to feel bad.
2002) ("In the case before this court, the title of the order, the lack of language demonstrating finality and the ambiguous phrasing which suggests that some future order 'shall be entered' renders the order nonfinal for appellate purposes.
In a white paper to the industry titled "A Roadmap for Promoting Intraday Settlement Finality in the U.