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Corporate finance is getting a lift in Mexico from low interest rates, too, and a much more predictable monetary policy from the Central Bank.
Traditionally, bank lending to fund business spending and investment provided the predominant source of finance.
When we are analyzing whether or not to finance an operator, we do background checks in the states in which they do, or have done, business.
If that wasn't enough, firms engaged in public finance also had to grapple with new restrictions, such as the increased scrutiny of market practices by federal regulators, a ban on political campaign contributions and calls to disclose more information to potential investors.
In addition, if an applicable treaty contains a limitation-on-benefits article and the IRS determines that it is not met, offshore finance subsidiaries that borrow on the Eurodollar market may not use the regulations to obtain derivative benefits for the European investors, even if those investors would otherwise qualify for the PIE.
Yin and yang, heavy metal and Mozart: The interpersonal dynamics of information technology (IT) and finance officers have often been portrayed as a clash of opposites, starting from their formative days as pizza-craving programmers or buttoned-down accountants.