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One of the mysteries of premium financing is just how much of it is out there in the industry at any given time: The percentage of premiums financed remains undetermined.
Acknowledging that a complex financing arrangement may involve a number of IEs and the amount financed may not be the same at each step, the regulations look at the smallest link in the chain of transactions by recharacterizing only the smallest financing amount common to all of the transactions.
The financing entity may, for example, loan money or license property to the intermediate entity, which will reloan or sublicense the property to a financed entity, usually a related U.
The experts also concluded the five-year ban will hurt consumers seeking to sell traditionally owned policies as well as policies financed through premium-finance loans which do not bear the characteristics of stranger-initiated life insurance after the standard two-year contestability period for estate planning purposes.
The loan with a ten-year term and thirty-year amortization schedule, financed the acquisition of the property by the borrower, St.
However, this does not mean commercial real estate cannot be financed.
In addition to these specific transactions, Emigrant has financed the construction or acquisition of numerous apartment projects, luxury hotels and retail centers along with residential conversions, office and land acquisitions.

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