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The company forgoes putting financial highlights up front, and back-of-the-book six-year data shows net income, $398 million barely topped 1994's $396 million and proved a hefty 45 percent falloff year to year.
Even worse, this is among the 12 percent of reports missing a financial highlights page, too often an indication of trouble.
Scroll to Gateway Bank & Trust Company and a simple click of the mouse will display its financial highlights report.
March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Valley Bancshares (the "Company") (Nasdaq: SIVB), parent company of Silicon Valley Bank ("the Bank"), announced today the following financial highlights for the two-month period ended February 28, 1999 (dollars in thousands).
This site includes financial highlights, stock information, public filings with the U.
Accordingly, as more particularly detailed in the following notes and in the accompanying press release, these Financial Highlights may not reflect the effects of certain unusual or infrequent transactions, or changes in accounting, that significantly affect net income and earnings per share as reported in the financial statements.

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