financial loss

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Consumer Goods: Reimburses the financial loss resulting from a covered insured event in the areas of appliances, electronics/electrical, clothes, furniture, household goods, children's products, outdoor goods and products, sports/exercise equipment and products.
A huge fire also took place from February to June this year, enveloping neighboring countries, disturbing flight, causing a huge financial loss and leaving about 58,000 people suffering from respiration problem," according to the report.
The new amendment also authorizes the DFPR secretary to assess civil penalties if the financial loss or probable financial loss is equal to or greater than either 1% of the credit union's total assets or 1% of the credit union's total gross income.
2005) noted that low SES is considered a risk factor for PTSD; however, there are no known studies examining the direct impact of financial loss as a trauma in and of itself.
The Regional Manager of the UPSRTC, C B Singh, said: There is no doubt that the movement of tempos on bus routes has caused a heavy financial loss to the corporation.
Insurance Gap Analysis -- Assess current insurance policies in terms of coverage for financial loss arising out of unauthorized access or use of confidential information, damage to third-party software or data as well as damage to the business network or data.
Business risks present every bit as much potential for financial loss to the organization as more tangible physical risks.
Since the amount of general damages awarded is usually linked to the amount of direct financial loss experienced by the claimant, there is an incentive for claimants to exaggerate the amount of their financial losses," Crocker said.
However, cyber-security risk insurance enables a company to take the financial loss off its balance sheet and move it to that of a third party.
Comparing this to the estimated $500 million annual loss due to computer viruses, computer users accidentally deleting files is by far a bigger threat and financial loss to the enterprise.
The cost effectiveness and processing speed of environmental insurance, which protects lending institutions from financial loss and liability resulting when a loan defaults and real estate collateral is contaminated, have also drawn praise from lenders' customers.
To make up the financial loss, however, a couple in South Florida tendered a $200,000 gift to the council in September expressing their longtime admiration and support of Scouting.

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