financially prudent

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Its Mission should promote and sustain good governance advocacy, such as developing and implementing projects and programs in a financially prudent and responsible manner, or fostering sustainability and environment-friendly behaviour.
But we also have to balance the books and seven have left which shows we've been financially prudent.
Mr Jones, a former police inspector, said: "It was vitally important that we set the precept at the right level to ensure we can continue to provide an effective and efficient police service while at the time remaining financially prudent and delivering value for money.
If we are financially prudent then we can show we can fund all these programmes and Northumberland can go on to a great future.
The economy will continue to survive but at the same time the government will avoid taking unpopular but financially prudent decisions.
At the end of the day, providing peoples' right to an adequate standard of living is not only the financially prudent thing to do, it is a moral imperative.
Ultimately Dominion Energy had no realistic alternative and was forced to close a unit that was no longer financially prudent to operate.
While I'm extremely disappointed that the status quo will remain for another two years, I realize that significant progress has been made over the last few months to highlight why Texas must implement a more fiscally responsible and financially prudent policy in managing the [Rainy Day Fund]," Hegar said in a statement.
I WOULD say to AW of Gosforth that my point is not that reserves are being held by local councils, which is indeed financially prudent, but the level of those reserves at PS22bn, which is an increase of 50% since 2010/11.
The Government reminded us time and time again of the need for a financially prudent Budget and yet found plenty of cash to stuff their own pockets with.
The acquisition of United Online is consistent with our plan of making financially prudent acquisitions that provide outsized risk-adjusted returns,' said Bryant Riley, chairman and CEO of B.
WVMIC now has the capability to grant dividends to our owners/ insureds when it is financially prudent to do so, and we are the first medical professional liability insurance (MPLI) company to ever have done this in our state (almost $14 million over the past few years.

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