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He turned, and across the court-room the eyes of the financier and the stenographer met.
Not of two thousand pounds," said the financier, with an abrupt and terrible composure, "only of a small bottle.
Monsieur," said the financier, drawing himself up, "my zeal for the king's service inspired me with the idea.
My friends," he said unsteadily, "let me explain to you, as shortly as I can, what an uncertain position is that of a great financier.
He was a theatrical agent and financier of stock companies, whom he knew very well by sight.
No; but he is on the same ground with the best financier of the epoch,--the Napoleon of finance.
He was only twenty-six, but he was all man, a secret terror and delight to the financier, who alternated between pride in his son's aeroplane feats and fear for an untimely and terrible end.
Well the greatest portion of the press were screeching in all possible tones, like a confounded company of parrots instructed by some devil with a taste for practical jokes, that the financier de Barral was helping the great moral evolution of our character towards the newly-discovered virtue of Thrift.
That venerable financier, however, still seemed struggling with portions of his well-lined attire, and at length produced from a very interior tail-coat pocket, a black oval case which he radiantly explained to be his Christmas present for his god-daughter.
It wouldn't matter so much if he were our friend, or if he were simply a financier, but to tell you the truth, we have cause to suspect him.
And Rebecca told Miss Briggs, whose Christmas dividend upon the little sum lent by her Becky paid with an air of candid joy, and as if her exchequer was brimming over with gold--Rebecca, we say, told Miss Briggs, in strict confidence that she had conferred with Sir Pitt, who was famous as a financier, on Briggs's special behalf, as to the most profitable investment of Miss B.
A suburban branch--my financier had faded into some excellent fellow with a billet to lose if he called his soul his own.