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Joseph Taub arranged the financing for this transaction.
Carlton's Hospitality Group specializes in the arrangement of equity and debt financing for lodging and for mixed-use real estate projects with a hospitality component.
As many brokers do, we make premium financing available to commercial customers who have need for it," Counselman said.
Energy company Enersis is one Chilean firm that has boosted financing due to the improved economic climate.
Freddie Mac held a number of financing arrangements (favorable financing) on Jan.
The venture helps the manufacturer retain its existing dealers or attract new ones by addressing virtually all their financial needs, using the programs available through the financing partner.
Because there can be no financing arrangement unless the parties are connected by a chain of financing transactions, the IRS was concerned that two related parties could transfer funds through means other than a financing transaction, thus breaking the chain and defeating the purpose of the regulations.
Additionally, REITs are able to offer long-term financing for maturities not always available from banks.
Grigsby Brandford is also working with local South African developers on short-term financing for another construction program.

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