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Richard Bassuk, president of The Singer and Bassuk Organization, announced the closing of $83 million in construction financing under the New York State Housing Finance Agency's ("HFA") 80/ 20 Program for 188 Ludlow Street, a 208,000 s/f property located on the lower east side of Manhattan which will contain 243 residential apartments and approximately 6,000 square feet of retail space.
To be fair to the secondary-offering market, however, the companies that are most likely to avail them-selves to a PIPE--most of which are in the $5 million-$20 million range--are doing smaller financings, and a follow-on offering isn't really suitable.
A "financing arrangement" is defined as a series of at least two "financing transactions" in which a lender advances money or other property, and a borrower receives money or other property, if the advance and receipt are brought about through one or more intermediate entities (IE) and there are financing transactions linking the lender, each IE, and the borrower.
The financing market has changed over the past few years, with fewer lender options available for large scale projects and greater difficulty in securing favorable terms for the borrower.
The proposed regulations focus exclusively on the use of back-to-back financings designed to avoid tax liability under section 881, which imposes U.
A new addition of an overview of financings from investors is also included in this latest edition.
The Singer & Bassuk Organization recorded a banner year in 2005, arranging financing on behalf of some of the region's leading owners and developers, including some of New York's highest profile residential and commercial properties.
The financing will provide for the development and construction of a new 186 unit luxury vacation golf condominium complex called "Anabey", located in the exclusive Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic.
Permanent financing in the amount of $27 million was arranged for a five-building corporate campus in Milford, Conn.
GE Commercial Finance - Global Media & Communications today announced that it has closed a deal to provide senior financing to SV Investment Partners ("SV"), and that its affiliate, GE Capital Markets, has arranged mezzanine financing for SV as part of SV's acquisition of Pennysaver Group, Inc.
The proceeds and structure of this financing was more favorable than that available with agency financings.