find fault with

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editor-in-chief Steve Fowler said: "It's hard to find fault with the Ford Mondeo - especially at the price.
MARK WEBBER has warned his rivals to stop trying to find fault with Red Bull and concentrate on resolving their own issues.
I spent quite a while trying to find fault with the 407 and the harder I looked the more apparent it became that this car is the complete package.
Rather than find fault with law-abiding countries, Washington should review its own "failed policies" in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, the statement added.
Judges refused to find fault with the European Commission, plus the Italian and Turkish customs officials and governments.
A mad five minutes before half-time where, defensively you could find fault with three of their goals, and on another night we could have had six ourselves.
On moral-marital-family issues its contributors now find fault with almost everything Catholic Church leaders say or do, while the positions they hold in opposition to them cannot be classified as Catholic.
Rarely does a team find fault with being ranked among the top three in its division.
In fact, it's hard to find fault with a car that retails at just over seven grand and does nearly 70 miles a gallon.
She might demand Cristal champagne , 12 bottles of fine apple juice and a box of bendy straws backstage at gigs, but it's hard to find fault with a woman who flashes her pants while crossing and uncrossing her legs in front of you .
Comer presents it, is that the members of the committee must not find fault with any of the participants (though there would seem to be much to find fault with), and they must operate by consensus.
James Warren's determination to find fault with The Republican Noise Machine by David Brock has forced him to present arguments that are either specious or irrelevant ("What Ailes Us," September).