find hard to believe

See: doubt
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Today this tradition continues on a scale many of us would find hard to believe only a few decades back.
In response to the council's findings, Joe told the Birmingham Mail: "They told us that this was the first time emergency services couldn't get into a tower block, which I do find hard to believe.
He said: "At a time when this council is considering cutting free services to veterans, closing The Lyndale School and facing the prospect of making forced redundancies, the fact that Labour councillors flew to a conference in sunny Bournemouth is something Wirral residents will find hard to believe.
In addition to alcohol and Xanax, I did something I still find hard to believe - I started injecting some of the drugs from work, hoping to treat the drinking, alleviate the stress, and sleep at night.
And if there are any you find hard to believe - or if you want to know more about them - all the sources can be found on the hit television programme's website.
The greatest care for every detail has been devoted to the creation of such a unique collection of items at value driven price points one will find hard to believe, says Sharie Hendricks.
The Irish actor and Hollywood star is making a return to British TV in the Channel 4 thriller - but in a role many will find hard to believe.
6 percent from 2006 to 2010, a drop that rape victim advocates find hard to believe.
He says: "Visually I'm actually the quietest out of my friends, which I know looking at me you might find hard to believe.
Consequently, on some years I shoot even worse on woodcock than I do on grouse, which even I find hard to believe.