find help

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References in classic literature ?
The Dwarf, seeing his master thus overthrown and made prisoner, gathered his armor and set forth to tell his evil tidings and find help.
We're going to take you round to the high road, anyhow, and you'll find help enough against thieves there, if you want it.
DTT will work closely with Convenience Stores Against Trafficking to raise awareness about trafficking, as well as to provide c-store operators with simple tips they can use to encourage victims of trafficking to find help.
uk - makes it easy for people to find help by using their phone's location to locate grassroots services available nearby, as well as national organisations.
As in Germany, food banks were set up to help people through short-term financial problems until they can find help through the proper channels and that is a good thing for society to do.
Those who are looking to adopt an abandoned or abused animal, or are trying to find help for stray or injured cats and dogs, can visit Gulf News' Save an Animal section, at gulfnews.
Bosses at a website where families can find help around the house says one in 12 of the requests they get from Scotland are for dog trainers.
He happens to find help in the unlikely form of 13-year-old Oskari (Tommila), out in the wild as he aims to live up the exploits of his outdoorsman father.
It allows people with learning difficulties to find help if they are lost, confused or distressed.
Cheryl said: "In trying to find help for myself, I have managed to help others and that is a very wonderful feeling.
To find help for a veteran with vision impairment, visit www.
Homeowners can find help on tough paint projects with details on How to Paint a Front Door, How to Paint a Wood Gate, How to Paint a Wood Deck and How to Paint Wood Siding.