find probable

See: assume, suppose
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A break would have been if the responding officer didn't report his DUI observations, or the clerk magistrate didn't find probable cause for a DUI charge, Mr.
27) Courts have also allowed officers to use smell to find probable cause where the distinct odor of narcotics emanates from a vehicle.
Accordingly, we voted to find probable cause to believe that Aristotle violated 2 U.
McWhirter has not been charged, and a grand jury did not find probable cause to indict him for murder with a firearm, Perlow said.
14) A decision to either find probable cause on a complaint or to dismiss it must be made by a majority vote of the probable cause panel.
If officers hear sounds of violence or fighting at the scene of an anonymous report of a disturbance, most courts will find probable cause or reasonable grounds to believe that exigent circumstances exist.
However, in general, the United States Supreme Court has interpreted the right to be free from "unreasonable searches and seizures" as requiring police to find probable cause prior to making an arrest.
Garchitorena said the court has until April 30 to conduct its review, but could issue the order earlier if it can find probable cause.
The Lafayette Police Department uses a technique known as "geographic profiling" to find probable residences of criminals.
If they find probable cause, the attorney general would then ask a panel of judges to appoint an independent counsel.