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The wanton wind had been so busily kissing them all the morning that they were quite dry, so I was able to find room for them in my knapsack without danger to the other contents; and, with a hasty good-day to their recent possessor, I set off at full speed to find a secure nook where I could throw myself down on the grass, and let loose the absurd laughter that was dangerously bottled up within me; but even before I do that it behoves me if possible to vindicate my sanity to the reader.
All those minute circumstances belonging to private life and domestic character, all that gives verisimilitude to a narrative, and individuality to the persons introduced, is still known and remembered in Scotland; whereas in England, civilisation has been so long complete, that our ideas of our ancestors are only to be gleaned from musty records and chronicles, the authors of which seem perversely to have conspired to suppress in their narratives all interesting details, in order to find room for flowers of monkish eloquence, or trite reflections upon morals.
How they were all to be conveyed, he would have made a difficulty if he could, but as his son and daughter's carriage and horses were actually at Hartfield, he was not able to make more than a simple question on that head; it hardly amounted to a doubt; nor did it occupy Emma long to convince him that they might in one of the carriages find room for Harriet also.
Hadden could not find room for captain Jason White in his team to face England at Murrayfield as he left the Sale Sharks man on the bench, and there was no place in the squad for Scott Murray.
Funny how they can't find room for burglars, robbers and thugs but they can always find a cell for someone who hurts a rich public figure who will undoubtedly cause a stink if he feels justice hasn't been done.
CONSERVATORY furniture maker Haddon House is moving from Wirral over the border into Deeside to find room for growth.
Find room for a bench or small table and chairs and, finally, add the plants.
With their main stand holding 4,100, the new boys were eager to find room for more supporters.
If you can find room for dessert, the well-executed, warm Granny apple crumb tart sporting a streusel crust ($5.
Olympic gold medallist Audley Harrison will capture the attention when he faces 7ft American Julius Long in the main event, but it is to be hoped the BBC's coverage will find room for 28-year-old Dazzo, a man with much more talent than the over-hyped Harrison.
Just under 10ft long and 5ft wide, the tiny town toddler can nevertheless find room for three grown-ups and a little one.
Education bosses now have to find room for the 12-year-olds at Linlithgow Academy, despite claims the school was overcrowded.