find the answer

References in classic literature ?
Let the narrative follow him--and find the answer to those questions at Venice.
Lewis and the Catholic Church (Ignatius Press), Pearce tries to find the answer.
Sometimes you search and search through your technical manuals and ask your fellow NBC NCOs for help but still can't find the answer to your CBRN question.
He was now able to participate more fully during information skill activities and no longer found himself consistently last to find the answer.
Find the answer at this e-stop for information on a variety of topics such as divorce, estate and gift taxes, limited partnerships and technology valuations.
Whether it's machine or hand stitching which is chosen, you'll find the answer to virtually any quilting question using Strick's quick, at-a-glance Quilter's Quick Reference Guide.
Look no further than our nation's capital to find the answer to your need for capital:
You have searched Deskbook but could not find the answer.
Sometimes, as in this case, it is fairly simple to find the answer to what is real, but sometimes there are difficult questions to which people never find an answer.
Fischer and Krebs teamed up in the 1950s to find the answer.
only to find the answer or Solution was in the--10 or--20 TM all along.