find the key

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We are like a lock, and have to find the key to unlock all that''s wonderful inside.
She managed to get to the front porch but the door was locked and she couldn't find the key.
MOTORISTS will soon no longer need to fiddle to find the key to their cars.
Fortunately for Wright, he didn't have to look too far to find the key to his doubles success for years to come.
One day, Martin Pipe will find the key to him, and if anyone can turn him into a fighter, it's Pipe.
No one could find the key and Ene's father and CFR assistant coach Minel Panade had to tear off the iron grate on the shower windows to set the kid free
The nine-year-old has always had plenty of ability, but has not been easy to train and it has taken a lot of patience and a change of stables to find the key to him.
In this spiritual renewal we can find the key to breaking the dominance of the economy, which has narrowed our existence.
We will find the key challenge to be designing flexible, cost-effective facilities that meet the needs of the elderly, so that they can continue to lead the most independent and dignified lives possible.
Bynum reminds us to return to Peter Lombard's Sentences (especially distinctions 43-49 of book four) to find the key questions raised in a logical medieval way, one derived principally from Augustine among the early fathers and one that remained influential for the next two centuries.
It is as if the name is the key to knowledge of fruits and vegetables; the patient cannot find the key for himself," writes psychologist John C.
We are working aggressively to find the key people to join our motivated management to help us develop our world class mining properties and enhance shareholder value.