find the key

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He knew where to find the key to the red door, which connected the cloister with the church, and he always had about him, as the reader knows, the key of the staircase leading to the towers.
It was easy to find the key belonging to the outer door, for each was labelled on a scrap of yellow parchment.
I tried it, for, since I could not find the key of the room or the key of the outer door, which was the main object of my search, I must make further examination, or all my efforts would be in vain.
Open the silver box on the toilet-table--you will find the key in it.
A spokesman for the firm said it happened when a new shift of workers could not find the key, which is usually left inside the airbridge.
We are like a lock, and have to find the key to unlock all that''s wonderful inside.
She managed to get to the front porch but the door was locked and she couldn't find the key.
MOTORISTS will soon no longer need to fiddle to find the key to their cars.
Fortunately for Wright, he didn't have to look too far to find the key to his doubles success for years to come.
One day, Martin Pipe will find the key to him, and if anyone can turn him into a fighter, it's Pipe.
The nine-year-old has always had plenty of ability, but has not been easy to train and it has taken a lot of patience and a change of stables to find the key to him.
His expertise in whole body scanning will be used to find the key to the condition that affects two million people in Britain.