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With 700 full-color pages, the new guide includes practical information for business people traveling to and living in China, from detailed reports of every sector of the economy, to in-depth backgrounds of every city and province in the PRC, plus the latest economic statistics, new maps and travel tips that even the most experienced China hands will find useful - all from the staff of the China Economic Review, the most trusted name in China business information for over 15 years.
Leveraging extensive intellectual property and years of product development, Eurekster SwickiPublisher provides contextual refinement of search queries originating from publisher websites, and improves the relevancy of results through continuous and automatic behavioral analysis of the search results that users click on and actually find useful.
Volvo Aero is the center of excellence in Europe in this area and this is something that we can also find useful when we design rotating components for our commercial aircraft engine components," says Anders I Pettersson.
But it soon began to find useful application in breakthrough defense and research projects.
The forward-looking statements in this release address a variety of subjects, including, without limitation, the future prospects for our proprietary PBX and IP-PBX systems, our expectation for revenue growth in our next fiscal quarter, our projection that future contracts will result in a lower rate of revenue deferral, our belief that past sales increases are indicators of positive momentum in the IP-PBX and voice applications market, and our belief that the non-GAAP financial measure presented provide information that investors will find useful.
MKDA provides services which many owners find useful to keep existing tenants and attract new ones.
The ENERGYprism suite provides timely information that our customers find useful and relevant, while at the same time, delivering operational benefits that increase efficiency.
The customer will tell us at the end of the day whether or not it's a service they find useful,'' Alder said.
ZoomInfo is designed to enable recruiters, marketers and salespeople to quickly and easily find useful information about people and organizations on the Web, presented in concise summaries.
Readers will find useful things in this book: a worthwhile attempt to privilege Stoicism as a category for understanding Ariosto's poem; a heartfelt reiteration of the poetics of ironic moral vision articulated by Durling, Giamatti, and others; a passionate insistence on reading the Furioso as a whole.
The economy is booming because California's entrepreneurs are innovating, living on the cutting edge and creating products that consumers at home and abroad find useful and are willing to buy in an open market.
Even those scholars specializing in the history of sexuality of early modern Europe will find useful information and an enlargement of perspective in this compact, yet wide-ranging, study.