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However," Orr said, "pulling in the finer actually is faster than inversion, and it is possible to accurately estimate the time it will take to place the finer in the pipe.
The main advantage of a finer grind is that the roaster will be able to optimize the surface area that has contact with the water.
Consequently, 'hearings would be held this fall to explore the finer points of proposed changes', he said.
Finer said, is to accelerate success for science and technology entrepreneurs -- and within the MetroWest region.
She said the recent dust that had been falling was finer than the dust which has appeared in the last few months.
The Art of Walking: A Field Guide offers the first in-depth survey of walking and provides a blend of history, themes on footprints, lines and marches, and discussions of philosophy, practice and artistry involved in the finer art of walking.
The Finer Reels of Life went live at Casino La Vida today, 9 January 2012.
JEM Finer may be best known as a founding member of Celtic punk group The Pogues.
The new version, which will be marketed by Teijin Fibers as a finer version of its existing 700-nanometer Nanofront nanofiber, will expand the market for the company's versatile, high-performance nanofiber by meeting demands for even finer nanofibers in applications, such as high-performance air filters that trap especially fine dust particles while allowing increased air flow in compact, energy-efficient air conditioning systems.
I have read correspondence arguing about what wine may be tasted before which; yet one expert publicly confessed recently that much nonsense was talked about the finer points of the 'art'.
Whispers learned that the Golden family, owners of Allied Bank and the Heights upscale grocer and restaurant Terry's Finer Foods, is further diversifying.