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Although the main purpose of this paper is to establish a stroke-analysis system based on CFD simulations, more realistic hand shape and finger position ought to be employed in order to simulate flow fields more practically.
3) High accuracy and user-friendly interface with automatic correction of the finger position
George had figured out that a device could be made to sense finger position by a capacitive touch pad, whereby scanning signals are applied to the pad and variations in capacitance caused by a finger touching or approaching the pad are detected.
When asked about it, Papelbon went into a complex lecture about hand and finger position.
It fits under the strings on the neck of the instrument and has letters on it which show the correct finger position for various notes.
The hand should be compared with the uninjured side because each patient has a unique finger position in flexion, especially for the small and index metacarpals.
Hand or finger position, shape and movements can be recognized simultaneously.