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fingere, ficto, means both to make, as in the model builder's activity, and to make up, to feign".
They will be difficult because E1/4hiding behind oneE[degrees]s fingerE has become an obvious gambit, and also because the time to be held to account is now imminent, and because Russia and its ilk in the alliance of E1/4defianceE at the Security Council have not been able to protect the regimes in Tehran and Damascus from the consequences of stubbornly behaving with arrogance.
non vive non respira, a fingere sembiante nella fibra di sintetiche linfe: vera figura, orma--o natura e ninfa?
Qui dicit verum non hoc dicendo laborat: Fingere falsa prius nititur, inde loqui.
The word figure, from the Latin figura or Old Latin fingere, literally means "to form.
fiction," from the Latin fingere, meaning an attempt to