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NAIL, A measure of length, equal to two inches and a quarter. Vide Measure.

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But two of them fell off leaving glue residue on my nail which I couldn't get off and had to buff my fingernails to get it all off.
TSA screeners at the Eugene Airport and the 260 other commercial airports in the nation spent up to one-quarter of their time examining and confiscating scissors, small screwdrivers, fingernail clippers, nail files and other "low-threat items," she said.
Of all fungal nail infections, about 80% are of the big toenail and 20% are of the fingernails.
For one thing, the Uruguayan artist Carlos Capelcn has never claimed to use toenails ( only fingernails.
The fingernail index in individuals with Marfan syndrome ranged from 0.
Some of the decorative silver fingernails stolen in the Jewellery Quarter raid
Fingernail clipping is a necessary activity for people because nails are one of the few parts of the human body that constantly grows.
The copper wrap has the result of creating a mar that is generally similar in appearance to one created by a fingernail when viewed under magnification.
BRITAIN'S got talons judging by how much women blow on their fingernails each year.
Here's something that's been bugging me for what seems like forever: What trick of creation or evolution causes human beings like you and me to come into the world equipped with fingernails and toenails?
For most people, a broken fingernail is hardly a tragedy.
Nurses should certainly know that the number of bacteria on jewelry or under a fingernail (or held in cracked nail polish) could kill a patient - but a CNA may not.