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In rats, thirst appears to generate finickiness under conditions of uncontrollable stress (Dess, Chapman, & Minor, 1988; Minor, Dess, Ben-David, & Chang, 1994) and when the animal's immune system is activated by exposure to bacterial proteins (Aubert & Danzer, 2005).
But don't confuse Jo's good looks and slim figure with finickiness - this Scrummy mummy loves her grub - and will go to great lengths to find some tasty treats.
weight loss, especially 15 or more pounds in two to three months -- sudden obsession with dieting, calories, fat and fitness -- skipping meals, finickiness about food and eating very little -- immediately leaving for the restroom during or after a meal -- taking up smoking, especially for someone who would not be expected to smoke -- excessive drinking of diet caffeinated beverages or regular coffee without sugar -- hyperactivity, constant fidgeting and lots of exercise -- change in mood About Remuda Ranch Programs for Anorexia and Bulimia
This book, in turn, led me to check out the Children's Quick & Easy Cook Book where the emphasis is on creativity and fun rather than complexities and finickiness.
The aversion, on the part of the voice, to "suck" betrays maturity, a certain finickiness, and suggests a sense of worldly humor.