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All the finickiness about perfectly ground peppers was unrealistic in the context of an unfamiliar university town where I had to go and find a mill in the market, scrutinise the hygiene of the mill operator, and do research on where his water was coming from.
In rats, thirst appears to generate finickiness under conditions of uncontrollable stress (Dess, Chapman, & Minor, 1988; Minor, Dess, Ben-David, & Chang, 1994) and when the animal's immune system is activated by exposure to bacterial proteins (Aubert & Danzer, 2005).
Most unusual feline eating-related behaviors--episodes of extreme finickiness, for example, or occasional food stealing--are unlikely to be consequential in terms of their long-term impact on a cat.
But don't confuse Jo's good looks and slim figure with finickiness - this Scrummy mummy loves her grub - and will go to great lengths to find some tasty treats.
I wouldn't call his paintings Baroque, a label for which their size and finickiness disqualify them.
Thesping is exaggerated, with Bouchard's unflagging jollity playing adequately off La Haye's finickiness and Ahmarani's grunginess.
This book, in turn, led me to check out the Children's Quick & Easy Cook Book where the emphasis is on creativity and fun rather than complexities and finickiness.
The aversion, on the part of the voice, to "suck" betrays maturity, a certain finickiness, and suggests a sense of worldly humor.