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Jo told her adventures, and by the time she had finished they were at home.
The genius, with his raised scimitar, waited till he had finished, bit was not in the least touched.
Time dragged heavily till the time of the full moon, but it passed at last, and as soon as it rose the young wife went to the pond, combed her black hair with a golden comb, and when she had finished, placed the comb on the bank; then she watched the water impatiently.
She, on the contrary, was sober with apparent solicitude and, as soon as I had finished the monster, rushed to me and carefully examined my body for possible wounds or injuries.
and a frightful, demoniac laugh finished the sentence, which was lost in a hoarse rattle.
Presently they finished, and Sally came in and cleared away.
Press closer, little Nightingale," cried the Tree, "or the Day will come before the rose is finished.
Schlegel's 'Lectures on Dramatic Literature' came into my hands not long after I had finished my studies in the history of the Spanish theatre, and it made the whole subject at once luminous.
how can it be finished," the plumber demanded scornfully, "before hot and cold are put in?
Certainly," she answered, holding out the block; "but it isn't half finished yet.
The first battle, fought and finished," Martin said to the looking-glass ten days later.
He finished off by squeaking so like a pig that the spectators thought that he had a porker concealed about him.