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That lagging work time and lack of flexibility generally add up to a casting bottleneck when solidified product reaches the finishing room.
Topics in the custom finishing session include Specialty Finishes & How to Achieve Them, Factors Affecting Finish Quality and Organizing the Finishing Room.
Even now, locating finishing and converting functions within a mill site allows sharing of many resources, such as human resources, maintenance, engineering, accounting, scheduling, shipping and warehousing, Warren points out.
By comparing the manufacturing costs and economics of the two rubber finishing methods, the water slurry process and the direct devolatilizing extruder process, the economic advantage of eliminating the steam stripping step can be determined.
2231 - Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (wool broadwoven fabric finishing without weaving fabric)
Mossner--ReichCompanies provides turnkey casting finishing systems including de-gating, CNC Bandsaws, core removal, shearing, gripper and fixture design
Improved waterborne coatings now could provide better productivity in the finishing process.
But before committing major capital to more grinding equipment, eliminating the root causes for finishing operations (such as trimming parting line fins, removal of risers and gating, and grinding core prints) is critical.
Helena, Alabama, is hoping to change that with its new Foxall Automated Casting Finishing Cell, which the firm unveiled in June at GIFA 2003 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Atlantic Powder Coating provides complete metal finishing - from media blasting and metal stripping, to welding repair and fabrication, to advanced powder coating - giving you a one-stop source for all of your metal finishing needs.
Johnson went from making a last-lap pass for the lead to finishing 24th and 156 points out of first in the Chase.
Depending on customer requirements, the cleaning and finishing of castings may require a variety of operations to provide a finished product.