firm advice

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The seized legal highs - or "lethal highs" as they have been dubbed - have been sent away for testing and the shop owner has been given firm advice about the restrictions relating to these products and his responsibilities in relation to their probable use.
It's all salient advice that's still very relevant today, says Chris, who adds: "While some of the advice is a little out of date for the 21st century, much of it is as good today as it was then, and considering the smacking debate still rages now, to have firm advice against smacking all these years ago has to be commended.
The recent publication of the National Literacy Programme (NLP) shifts emphasis back onto the classroom and provides a framework for primary schools' improvement, with firm advice on best practice and annual testing of reading standards.
With the assistance of Dallas Internet marketing firm Advice Interactive Group, Watson Window has provided a quality website that equally will match the quality service it promises all of its customers.
When a crisis occurs, any corporation naturally looks to its board for wisdom, a shared sense of purpose, and strong, firm advice.
They carried out their own research in the early stages, however after a meeting with the bank manager, Soulsby made contact with Business Link which gave the firm advice and support on issues including marketing and quality standards.
The lads involved have been spoken to by the police and given some firm advice.
I certainly mean well and am constantly given firm advice by a couple of well meaning physicians, "lose a few pounds or you will pay the penalty later.
Here, he instructs her on how to climb a giant tree, providing useful directions and firm advice, while Bowers pans across the California landscape with her camera and asks him contex-tualizing questions.
he had firm advice for those who do pursue it: "They're going" to say they want the publishing and you must say 'no.